Tema 3: Consejos para elaborar tu personalidad y tus competencias

Accept help: You may not be able to come up with all information that you need on your own. Allow others to help you. Use also printed and on-line sources. Read books and sources on the Internet related to the profession.

Don´t let go: Career planning requires time and energy. Therefore, people usually are not successful. Determine your priorities. Which one is the most important one for you related to your career and business life? Personal success? Using your skills? Getting a good salary? Make a list of the professions you prefer. Decide on more than one alternative. Make a list according to your preference.

Focus on transferable skills: Select the skills that you can use in many different fields. For example, speaking well, writing, time management, etc.

Be clear but flexible in your desires. Make as clear-cut decisions regarding the features of the professions you desire. This will bring you success. However, focus on more than one specific occupation. After your research, make a list of the professions you prefer. Decide on more than one alternative. Determine your priorities. Make a list according to your preference.

Keep working. Notes you make in work and references you get from others will help to reveal your skills and traits.

Create a web of communication. Be in constant communication with people who can help you in planning your career. Think of people as sources of knowledge. Talk to other people, career consultants, employees in the field and people in your immediate circle about the professions you want to know more about. In this way you can get information about different professions. You can ask questions about skills, work environment, job opportunities related to these professions.