Topic 1 Decision Making Process

  • Decision making is a process that involves choosing between two or more options. Every decision is limited by the individual’s personal abilities (what he/she can do) and his/her motivation (what he/she wants to do and to achieve).
  • Decision making is the processing of information that leads to a certain choice. Each decision presupposes engaging in a certain course of action and neglecting others [Dictionary of Counselling, 1993, p. 47].
  • The decision-making processes is made based on a study of multiple options in order to formulate a satisfactory outcome. Decision making is a complex process, as it involves the personal values, beliefs, own interests, inclinations, preferences, habits, experience and so much more.
  • In many situations in our lives, we have to make decisions – but each one is different from the others. A person may feel the need for change as an internal need or a necessity imposed by the environment. The level of efficiency in the decision-making process depends on the level of self-awareness.