Topic 1 Importance of SELF-CONFIDENCE as an artist

  • Self-confidence is defined as “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement.” Is this important for an artist? The answer is Of course, yes!
  • Artistic confidence allows to
    • not care what other people think of our work
    • follow our hand and draw what comes naturally to us
    • make our own art in our own way, no matter how amazing and different other people’s art is
  • Artistic confidence means the ability to love ourselves and our art for where it is today. It means the ability to let go of the constant disappointment and self-criticism, and instead be kind and compassionate towards ourselves and our work.
  • “Creative confidence is the notion that you have big ideas, and that you have the ability to act on them.” – David Kelley


Confidence reminds us that we can create good art and motivates us to keep working.

  • Important question: do we have to have certain skills to be self-confident or do we have to be self-confident to be able to develop artistic skills?
  • Confidence and skills only come by doing.
  • Real confidence only comes by making art, seeing improvement, and continuing to grow.