Topic 1 Leadership In The Modern World

The leadership is in the scope of much research recently. Economists, psychologist, managers, HRs, team leads and in general everybody (even students at schools and universities) are talking about it (not counting media). As leadership is a complex process it could be difficult to set standards, qualities or competencies that fully capture the nature of what makes some people leaders and some organizations successful. 

In this chapter we will try to review some leadership theories and track their evolution over the years, starting from the “Great man” notion of heroic leaders, through trait theories, behaviourist theories, situational leadership, contingency theory, and transactional and transformational leadership. You may find different insights into the leadership and even to elaborate your own definition.

Most theories present a range of leadership and management frameworks in organizations and business. Our purpose is to exceed this level. We would like to invite you to a personal adventure in finding your own leadership potential and to become leaders of your own life and future. Because the changing nature of our world may demand new approaches, new definitions, and new examples.

Everything starts from you!

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