Topic 1 What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness is to raise conscience about oneself, one’s personality and skills, before deciding on how you can develop your current career or what kind of professions you want to pursue, by evaluating your previous professional and personal experience, skills, knowledge, competences and interests.

  • It works with setting out professional targets, by determining which skills you need to be able to work with.
  • It deals with finding out how you can identify, develop, and consolidate these skills: a real self-analysis procedure.
  • It’s the thorough research of our personality features (attitudes, weak points and strengths, habits, achievements, expertise…)
  • We must know ourselves deeply to offer the labour market the solutions expected from us. From this knowledge onwards, we are very capable of deciding the companies, positions, conditions, etc., we’re interested in.
  • Let’s analyse what we should understand, as an artist, by each of the personal features previously mentioned.
  • Attitudes: They are determinant behaviour elements (innate and acquired); patterns through which the behaviour is adapted to environment. It’s the predisposition to carry out a physical or mental activity. overall, they’re innate but they are promoted and developed, or wrecked, based on the stimuli we offer.
  • Expertise: the knowledge gained from the study of a subject and the ability to apply such knowledge, resulting in experience, practice and distinction in that field. Is related to the skills and competence to execute something. Usually is used under the expression of “know how”.
  • Habits: They’re automatic behaviour mechanisms that we normally do in unimportant or insignificant tasks.
  • Achievements: These are a recapitulation of everything we have achieved throughout our career.
  • Weak Points and Strengths: These are the parts we should take advantage of or cast away from our behaviour. We obtain them by analysing both all the other points and our personal career exhaustively. Their knowledge is based on experience and the ability of being critical with oneself.