Topic 2 What are your values, preferences in work environment, skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses?

Why is career planning necessary?

Career planning is the key to cover your expectations from your current and future professional life. It is a chance to get from life what we want. It helps you to focus on professions that are suitable for you. Career planning helps you to get to know and evaluate yourself. Career planning skills can be used all throughout life.

Think about your values: Which of the opportunities that professional life can provide you with is more important for you?

Some examples: Job security, Status and respect, Salary, Individual success, Helping others

Think about your ideal work environment: What do you think about which professional general features do you like, or you do not want?

Some examples: Being creative, Working under stress,  Making decisions, Working in different positions, Working in society, Working in open-air

Everybody has individual characteristics that influence personal career choices, so the most important is to be honest when trying to get to know yourself.

Some recommandations

Be aware of your own skills and experiences. Think about the skills you have, by reviewing: Past work experiences, Volunteer activities, Hobbies, Training experiences..

Do not focus on work you have completed but determine your skills. For example, if you are good at organizing “professional” trips, your skill is to coordinate details and organize groups.

Psychological tests. It can also help you in determining your skills and interests.

Do not restrict yourself. Focus on more than one profession. While doing research, keep your skills in mind. You can use many of your skills in more than one profession…