Topic 3 How to draw up personnal goals

The first step when you decide to create an action plan for goals is to determine your objectives and goals, first most probably by thinking just of it (self  thinking). You can use different adequate tools to put those goals on a paper or electronic tools. Once it is done, you will be able to sort them out and most probably decide what you really want, When doing this exercise, you will have to answer this questions.

  • Is it a realistic goal?
  • How important it is for you?
  • Is it a goals that is achievable?
  • Is it a short term, mid term of long-term objective?

Success stories don’t happen overnight. The difference between a person who is constantly advancing in their career and one who is stagnant is their ability to set and achieve professional development goals

Tom Clayton

  • Specific: Your target needs to be as detailed as possible
  • Measurable: You need to set a criterion to measure your improvement while trying to reach your target
  • Attainable: Your target needs to be attainable
  • Realistic: Your target needs to be applicable and sensible
  • Time-bound: A commitment to a deadline helps you to focus your efforts on completion of the goal on or before the due date

It is very hard to reach a target if it is not well-planned and if its outcome cannot be estimated. All your effort will be fruitless if you do not know what point you want to reach.

A target that you have determined with great care and detail will take you to success. The criterion you set will push you and help in supporting your efforts.



  • Specific
  • Make your goals specific and narrow for more effective planning


  • Measureable
  • Define what evidences will prove you are making progress and reavaluate when necessary


  • Attainable
  • Make sure you can reasonably accomplish your goals within a certain timeframe


  • Relevant
  • Your goals should align with your values and long-term objectives


  • Time-based
  • Set up a realistic, ambitious, end-date for task prioritization and motivation.