Topic 4 Create a clear strategy for social impact

Stakeholder mapping helps you to Identify and develop opportunities for engagement projects with the following considerations:

Finance + Beneficiary + Reason = project. The training exercise includes a template to support this activity. Here is an example:

  • Issue – Pandemic has led to a loss of opportunities and earnings for all performing artists
  • Beneficiary – Musicians & related industry professionals
  • Reason – To financially support unemployed musicians & provide a creative outlet which connects communities.
  • Finance – Ticketed Sales and private business sponsorship.
  • Solution – Music Event to generate income, encourage creativity and community cohesion.

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Action the plan – create a delivery plan timetable: who, where, when and what? – share with host organisation 

Research: theme, engagement method, materials needed

Agree your Key Contact 

Risk Assessment before delivery

Be realistic with your projected outcomes, i.e. numbers attending, scale of project and impact of work

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