Topic 4 Decision Making Styles and Approaches

People are different so are their decision-making styles. There are many approaches and here are some of them:

  • Impulsive – the client chooses the first available alternative;
  • Fatalist – the client leaves the solution of the problem in the hands of the environment or fate;
  • Considerable – a client who agrees with someone else’s plan instead of making his own decision;
  • Procrastinating – the client postpones thinking and acting on a problem, expecting that it will resolve itself over time;
  • Agonizing – the client spends too much time and thoughts on gathering information and analyzing individual alternatives;
  • Planning – the client’s strategy is based on a rational approach in which there is a balance between reason and feelings;
  • Intuitive – the client makes a decision based on what he feels, but can not express very well in words;
  • Irresponsible – a person who avoids making a decision or gives an imaginary answer to a question. This allows the client to give a socially acceptable answer without taking responsibility;
  • Safe betting – the client usually chooses the alternative that seems to have the lowest level of risk.

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