Topic 4 How Does The Personal Leadership Start?

Personal leadership development is not an end. It is a process, a path, a way to think and live your life.

It begins with few simple steps:

  • understanding your need to develop and make more out of yourself;
  • conscious decision to take on the role of your own life coach and follow your personal leadership plan towards your desired life (the best version of you);
  • finding what works for you the best (there are many courses and information that can help).

A combination of individual sessions and group work can accelerate and support the process of development.

If you choose to go this route, a good personal development leadership program should cover the following:

  • personal strengths and weaknesses; style and preferences; goals and vision, etc.;
  • strategies to grow and play your strengths more (this is a way your brain to support the process better, according to neuroscience);
  • understanding how beliefs and prejudice limit or format your way of thinking and acting. And transforming them. Identify what keeps people from reaching their goals and what steps you can take to move towards your goals;
  • action plan for development of new, supporting your goals, habits;
  • what is your personal state of balance between work and free time;
  • learn to have a long-term vision of life;
  • and many other topics that would pop-up with the process.