Topic 4 Make The Best Use Of Social Networks

  • Social networks have become one of the most prominent broadcasting and marketing outlets, and they are some of the best ways to define your brand in the artistic community. Social media allows you to reach out to a global audience quickly. You’re most likely already on social media and sharing your work through your personal account. However, if you’re serious about branding yourself as an artist, you should create a profile dedicated to your art. Many artists today are turning more towards social media profiles to showcase and promote their portfolio, rather than launching artist websites, which can be costly to build and maintain.
  • Interaction with social media audiences also plays an important role in making a successful art brand. Every follower counts, and the artist should always be easily accessible for a comment or an answer because this shows that they care about people who respect their work. All these tips can be applied to the artists website. Your website should always be up-to-date and contain relevant information about your work.
  • How can I keep my fans/followers/collectors coming back for more? By sharing a bit of yourself, too. if your followers are there for the art, they likely share a similar passion and appreciation for art as you do. Share what inspires you to make art, quotes that motivate you to create, any noteworthy art news and trends, as well as tips you can offer other artists.