Topic 5 What to Do if something goes wrong

  • Stuck in a rut, or hit a wall with your art entrepreneurship? The answer is simple. You re-brand. Where your brand starts does not guarantee where it will end. You can always pivot, change and re-evaluate how you share your artistry with others. And how do you re-brand? Start at the top of this list and work your way down.
  • Or you simply feel that something needs to be changed. No matter how powerful and successful your personal brand may be, you will feel an urge to change every now and then. And this is a process of growing and maturing as an artist, and it doesn’t mean that you will betray the main principles of your art and your creative expression by going through this change.
  • When your art becomes repetitive, or if you are going through a severe period of creative block, it may be a perfect time for reinventing your artistic persona. This is something that popular culture superstars do from time to time, and it works. Take Lady Gaga for example!!