Topic 6 The Action Plan as Part of the Decision Making Process

A good action plan can be a major factor in the decision-making process. Often people are blocked by the goal itself and don’t see the steps they can make towards it. The plan is the vision how people will achieve their goals. Without this vision the decision-making process could be only a daydream.

The good action plan is a well-formed map of the road that needs to be followed to achieve the goal. It should be flexible, suggesting alternative “routes” (such as Plan A and Plan B) and containing:

  • Well-defined long-term goals (based on smaller steps; short-term action plans to achieve intermediate goals);
  • Alternative goals;
  • Specific resources to achieve the objectives (human resources, financial, time, etc.);
  • Steps for action;
  • Good timeline;
  • List of possible obstacles;
  • Strategies to overcome expected problems.

Let’s not forget that even the best action plan can be limited by expected and unexpected obstacles – which can be internal or external for the person.

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